Steve Taylor - Classic Drum Loops & Drum Samples

Calling all lap top recordists, multi platinum producers, loop manglers and song writers...If you're searching for kickass beats, look no further. These exceptional recordings are what you need. Available now, Steve has joined forces with Drum loop market leader, recording high end drum loops & drum samples.  Taking the original sampling concept to the next level by offering you the best live drum tracks and drum samples in the business.

The 70s Session Superstar Kit is a beautiful Ludwig Classic, with 10, 12, 13 and 16 inch toms, a 22 inch kick and tightly tuned Maple Birch and Yamaha Custom snares. The skins are all Remo pinstripes on the tops and emperor clears on the bottoms, for that classic Steve Gadd 70s sound. All tuned to perfection and mic'ed up at Livingston Studios using their incredible gear list, including a pair of valve Neumann U67s, plus U87s, D19s, 421s and everything you'd ever expect around a kit designed to deliver that super-smooth, clean and meticulous sound that we all know and love from the likes of Steve Gadd, Bernard Purdie, Jim Keltner, Jeff Porcaro, Andy Newmark and other such 70s greats. Tight drums, plenty of reverb and perfectly balanced levels deliver a drum sound worthy of any 70s Session Superstar.

Steve Taylor's Northern Soul Drum Kit 'One shot samples' & loops

Northern Soul is a lovingly created collection of 37 grooves across 21 tempos guaranteed to evoke the spirit of Chicago and Detroit via Wigan Casino. Inspired by artists such as Edwin Starr, Gloria Jones, Kim Weston and The Temptations and by labels such as Vee Jay Records, Chess Records and Brunswick Records, this collection of beats will give your tracks that authentic insistent sound of Northern Soul. Recorded at Miloco's Livingston Studio 1 in London by engineer Billy Halliday, featuring session drumming legend Steve Taylor.